BioMedical Photography, Surgical Photography
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Surgical Photography

 Surgical Photography:  Photo documentation of surgical procedures in the operating room  environment for patient medical records and medical teaching purposes. Surgical photography includes the surgical site and surgical specimens.

Medical/Clinical Photography

 Medical/Clinical Photography:  Photo documentation of patients' pre and post treatment/operative  conditions in the clinical setting for patient medical records and  medical teaching purposes. 

Dermatological Photography

 Dermatological Photography: Photo documentation and photo mapping of patient moles and skin anomalies including treatments such as Moh's procedures. 

Scientific/Research Photography

 Scientific/Research Photography:  Professional photographic support for scientific and research projects  requiring extreme close up imaging of minute objects using macro  photography techniques.  

Publication/Marketing/Photo journalistic

Publication/Marketing/Photo journalistic: Used for commercial applications, in-house publications and external marketing as well as press releases developed by the marketing and communications staff for Public Relations applications . 

Product/Technical Photography


Product/Technical Photography: Photography of products and equipment for cataloging, quality control purposes, instructional and web applications. This service is particularly beneficial to both large and small businesses.  

Dental Photography

  Intra oral photography using macro photo intra oral techniques to support oral surgery and dental practices.  

Legal Photo documentation

 Photo documentation of materials as evidence to support legal cases and judicial proceedings.