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Specializing in providing world class Medical Photography and Surgical Photography services to Surgeons, Physicians, Dentists, Medical researchers, and Health Care professionals.

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Our Mission

Dulla Photographic and Digital Imaging is a professional photography firm that specializes in providing world class Medical Photography, Surgical Photography, Dermatological Photography and Intra Oral Dental Photography services to Physicians, Surgeons, and health care professionals.

The specialized photography services at Dulla Photographic are based on over thirty years experience in providing medical related photography.

Dulla Photographic provides a resource for Physicians, Surgeons and Health Care
professionals to access high quality Medical Photography, Surgical Photography, Dermatological Photography and Dental Photography normally found in only the largest teaching hospitals and universities.

Dulla Photographic recognizes the need for cost effective resources and provides these resources in customize and affordable quotes according to your needs. We provide a photographer at your location to generate images under your direct supervision.

Do not
leave your medical visual documentation and digital imaging to chance. You have a busy practice. Rely on our expertise to meet all your imaging requirements.

In addition, the professional digital photographic services provided by Dulla Photographic are beneficial to support the objectives of Lawyers, legal firms, industrial professionals, and small business.


  • Surgical Photography
  • Medical/Clinical Photography
  • Dermatological Photography
  • Intra-oral dental Photography
  • Scientific/Research Photography
  • Legal Documentation Photography
  • Technical Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Publication/Marketing Photography
  • Digital Imaging
  • Scanning of print media, film, and slides
  • Photo image retouching and restoration
  • Adobe Photoshop specialist


Dulla Photographic uses state of the art Nikon digital cameras for superior image quality and Epson scanners for image acquisition. Expert Adobe Photoshop skills transforms images for use in a variety of technological applications including PowerPoint presentations, print media, and web applications.

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